Darksoft is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that creates dreamy alternative rock sounds. To date, Darksoft has released several conceptual albums. His most recent, Beigeification (2023), is a postmodern dose of beigey moods that use "thought-terminating cliches" to match the disillusionment of our age. Beigeification was #1 for radio station adds on the NACC Top 200 Chart in its opening week (1/17), and ranked #17 in its debut week (1/24), the highest release to debut that week, and peaked at #9 (1/31).

Darksoft songs blend shoegaze and dream pop elements, using lush melodic progressions, 80s/90s alternative rock undertones, and deftly executed vocals. Cryo (2022) received national radio attention, charting on both NACC and Sub-Modern Charts. 'Looking Backward' was added to Spotify's Indie Fresh Finds editorial playlist. Also in 2022, Darksoft toured the Pacific Northwest and New England. His previous records, Meltdown (2020) and Brain (2018), are in constant limbo between digital futurism and watery introspection, communicated through the language of computer viruses, algorithms, and human emotion, pure enough to pass the Turing Test.


Darksoft is a solo recording project supported by a full band for live shows. Darksoft is originally from Seattle, where he participated in the local music scene for years. In 2021 he moved his family to Portland, Maine. Besides writing his own music, Darksoft loves to support other musicians too. He manages Look Up Records, a small independent music label that sometimes arranges events like Look Up Fest. 

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