General inquiries: [email protected]

Booking and private event inquires: [email protected]

First off, we want to help you. We do our best to reply to any inquiry in a prompt manner, so if you’re a booking agent, manager, label rep, etc…please feel free to email us right away. If you are a band, either locally or nationally, we’ve provided some tips for you to increase your odds.

In the email you should include answers to the following questions:

  1. How would you describe your music?
  2. What size crowd do you draw on a weekday?
  3. What other bands are you friends with or do you go well with locally?
  4. Where have you played and with whom?
  5. Any Seattle or National based press or radio to brag about?

Your emails should include links to your web site and wherever you stream your music.

If you’re an out-of-town, unsigned, touring band, we’re probably not the right venue for you as we are specifically looking for bands that have established fanbases. The one scenario that this might work is if you are able to pair up with bands that have established themselves in Seattle and could pitch a strong drawing bill. Otherwise, if you’re coming into Seattle all by yourselves without a ton of fanfare and are looking to establish yourself in Seattle, you may want to consider playing a smaller room or a room with a built-in crowd. Once a show is confirmed you will receive an email from us detailing everything related to the date (set times, loading, financial breakdowns, etc). We may exchange a few emails about prospective dates or bills, but until you get this very thorough confirmation email, we are not yet confirmed. Keep in mind that we do live by the unwritten “two-week blackout period” rule. It doesn’t help us, the band, or the other venue if the band plays another show in the Seattle within a two week period of the confirmed show here.

We hope this helps streamline the process to make it easy on you and on us.