• Where can I buy tickets? Can I buy tickets for an upcoming show in-person?

    Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketweb up to an hour before doors. After that, you can pay the cover at Will Call. Tickets can only be purchased in-person after Doors on day of show. Heads up: It’s cash only.

  • What’s your camera policy?

    Using your phone? Go for it, but turn the flash off. All professional cameras need to be approved in advance by the band/venue. Send your inquiries to [email protected]

  • What forms of ID do you accept?

    Driver’s license (U.S. and Canadian Province only), passport, and military are the IDs we accept. Your ID must be VALID (It’s the law).

  • Is the venue ADA accessible?

    “Yes, the venue is accessible to people disabilities. There are two ramps in the venue. One from the entrance that leads to box office, and our two bar areas. Another that leads into the main showroom floor, and the bathrooms which both have accessible stalls. We can provide wheelchair accessible seating if you email [email protected] in advance. If you require any other disability related accomdentations, please email us in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.”

  • I think I left my card at the bar. What do I do? Can my friend pick it up for me?

    Please stop by during the hours of one of our events to claim your card or email [email protected] to confirm that we have it. Bring a valid form of ID.

  • How come it says Doors at __, but the show doesn’t start at __?

    “Doors” means the time doors open. Sometimes it takes a while to process a large group of people, so there’s a gap scheduled between when doors open and when the show actually starts.

  • How can I be ready for Will Call?

    Please bring either a printed ticket, your email QR code, or your ticket email confirmation and a valid ID.

  • Do you serve food?

    Coming soon!

  • Do you have a Lost and Found?

    Please stop by during the hours of one of our events to claim your item or email [email protected] to confirm that we have it. Bring a valid form of ID.

  • Do I need an ID for an All-Ages show?

    Only if you want to be in the bar area. If you forget your ID or it’s expired, you can still attend an all-ages show, but you can’t go into the 21+ area without valid ID.

    *note – vape pens are not allowed into all ages shows.

  • Do I get a paper ticket at Will Call?

    Nope. We’re saving trees.

  • Cash only? Do you have an ATM?

    Sure do! It’s conveniently located next to Will Call.

  • Can I Transfer My Tickets to Another Person?

    Yes. You can email TicketWeb at [email protected].

  • Can I rent the space for my event?

    You sure can! Our room can accommodate up 450 people. Contact [email protected] to find out more information.

  • Are bags allowed in the venue?

    No large bags or backpacks are allowed in Chop Suey. If a bag is needed for medical purposes please clear this with security at the venue.