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Goat Club, supernowhere, Mt Fog and Liv Victorino at Chop Suey

The Viretta Saints, Goodwill Gold, c0mpany and karinyo at Chop Suey

The Viretta Saints at Chop Suey withGoodwill Goldc0mpanykarinyo

Sun Room at Chop Suey

Sun Room is Southern Californias newest four piece rock band. Forming in summer of 2020, the four friends draw influence from the beach cities that raised them as they channel a sound that resembles 60s surf rock while creating original tracks that reflect their youth.

Jack Kays at Chop Suey

Showbox Presents: Jack Kays at Chop SueyCOVID INFO: All attendees must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination to attend this show.A negative test is not accepted. Accepted forms for proof of vaccine include: A physical vaccine card with your name on it, a digital photo of your vaccine card on a cell phone, or a digital screenshot of your vaccination status through your states health department. There are no exceptions. Please plan accordingly.

Elia Ezker, Camel Van and Mount Planet at Chop Suey

Chop Suey Presents: Elia Ezker at Chop SueyWith Camel Van and Mount Planet